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Tubular Turbo Manifold Lexus IS300
SRT Lexus IS300 Version 3 Complete Turbo Kit
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SRT Lexus IS300 Version 3 Complete Turbo Kit
Lexus IS300 (2001 - 2005)
Price: $6,899.99

The all NEW Version 3 is proven of running in the low 12's daily on pump gas and street tires. Pour in some race gas and a set of slicks and you have a 11 second warrior.





  • The best bang for the buck!
  • The most reliable kit.
  • The most powerful kit at this price.
  • Includes most items as standard equipment that are optional by our competitors.
  • Please pick up the phone and call us (301-982-4600) with questions and tech support during normal business hours.
  • You can send questions via e-mail (sales@swiftracing.com) and get a reply within 24hours-48hours.
  • Voted #1 Turbo kit for your Lexus IS300 Ten Years in a row!
  • And of course who better to buy a kit for your Lexus IS300 other than the people that own the World's Fastest IS300!
How do we do this? "Purchasing power" and exclusive agreements with our suppliers, we purchase, sell and manufacture more turbo's and components than all of our competitors combined, this large scale purchasing allows us to buy parts and raw materials at a deeper discount and we simply pass the savings to you. We have a huge 6,250 sq. ft. facility with a full crew of technical people that love what they do and have no problems helping customers. We believe that everyone that wants and thrives to have more power in their vehicles should not have to go broke doing so just because they sport the Lexus brand name. Our philosophy is when you upgrade your vehicle you do it right the first time and get the "Performance Without Compromise" ... 'nuff said!

The SRT Single Turbo Kit for the Lexus IS300 2001-2005 is comprised of the highest quality components available in the industry. They were designed keeping the end user and installer in mind. The fit and finish of the kit is of superior quality and gives the vehicle a show quality look and OEM style fitment. Installation is a direct bolt-on and takes less time to install than it does to remove the factory parts it replaces. The kits comes complete with everything needed for a successful installation, compare individual parts included before you make your decision.

Horsepower levels range from 450BHP up to 1,000+BHP, making them versatile enough for any performance enthisiast. Pricing starts from $6,749.99 USD (+s/h and applicable taxes) making them the most affordable in the industry.


SRT Version 3 (Shippable Kit, Special Order item, Built to Order takes 4-8 weeks typically)
Version 3 - 450 ~ 500 BHP

Kit Includes:
  • 2JZ-GE Tubular T304 Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold
  • SRT Spec'd Precision Billet CEA6266SP T4Turbo good for upto 800BHP
  • Large 50mm Wastegate - No boost creep at all
  • Tial Q-Bov 50mm
  • Stainless Steel braided oil supply line with SRT exclusive oil supply tee
  • High Temp oil drain line
  • Oill drain line heat shield
  • 4" High flow AFE lifetime cone filter
  • Haltech Sprint 500 Full Standalone Computer
    • This is a full blown standalone ECU not a piggyback
    • Full control of Fuel and Ignition Maps
    • Built in 2.5bar MAP Sensor
    • USB connectivity to laptop
    • Comes with extremely well tuned basemap for a successful install
  • SRT 1,000cc Injectors High Impedance injectors 
    • (good for upto 1,000RWHP, never have to be upgraded again)
  • SRT Plug and Play harness for injectors makes installing injectors a snap
  • Walbro® 255lph High Pressure intank fuel pump
  • AEM Digital Boost Gauge #30-4406 (standard equipment)
  • AEM Wideband Gauge #30-4100 (standard equipment)
  • All Mandrel bent FULL POLISHED aluminum intercooler piping w/bead rolled ends
    • (Polished is standard equipment for a fantastic show car quality)
  • Huge 22.5"x12"x3" Front Mount Intercooler rated at 650+HP
  • 2.5mm Multi Layered Steel Head Gasket for higher boost (standard equipment)
  • ARP Head Stud kit (standard equipment)
  • 15-17PSI Maximum Boost Pump Gas
    • (installation of Head Gasket required above 9PSI)
  • High Temp 4-layered silicone couplers and connectors
    • (4 layers for added reliability and durability)
  • Stainless Steel High Grade hose clamps
  • NGK Performance Iridium Spark Plugs, 2 steps colder
    • (Iridium for longer life and better performance)
  • 3" Mandrel bent T304 SS race downpipe
  • 3" Mandrel bent T304 SS front midpipe
  • All necessary hardware for a complete install is supplied
    • (every single nut, bolt, zip ties etc. is supplied)
  • Complete Step-by-Step Installation Instructions with High Quality Color
    • Pictures provided in CD-Rom

The following dyno chart is of the Version 3 done in a 2001 Auto Tranny IS300. The only option installed is our 3" turbo exhaust.

Conditions: Max Boost 16 PSI Holding. Pump Gas 93 Octane 446.85 RWHP 379.35 RWTQ That is an increase of over 270+ RWHP! from the stock 170RWHP a gain of 163% or about 17.3RWHP/PSI of boost on a bone stock motor shows the efficiency of this kit. Click on image below to see bigger picture.


* This kit is designed for off-road use only.

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